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CsS Services, Inc.
1605 Chantilly Dr NE
Atlanta, GA 30324

Office Phone: 770-491-0522 or 1-888-476-6334 toll free
Applications Fax: 770-493-8575 (for applications or general use)
DISPOS Fax: 770-723-0106
Toll free Fax: 1-866-213-4222

Applications and Criminal Backgrounds

Apps & Criminal Backgrounds

Dispossessory Warrants and Billing Information or Questions


Accounts Receivable / Accounts Payable Questions

AR / AP Questions


Collections Questions

Sales, and General Questions

Efa Mboto

New Account Set-up

Kellee Wheat

Executive Office

Herb Schwartz, Executive Vice President

Darlene Burns, VP of Operations

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